by Marina Pogrebinsky {DiaMara}

Personal Terms of Use

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Personal Terms of Use

 Thank you for your interest in DiArtBrushStudio. In purchasing this product you agree to comply with these Terms of Use (TOU).

Copyright © Marina Pogrebinsky at DiArtBrushStudio 2011

 All copyrights are retained by Marina Pogrebinsky{Diamara} with all rights reserved unless otherwise stated in the TOU. No commercial use of this product beyond those stated above is authorized. It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without permission of the copyright owner. Any dispute concerning designs by Marina Pogrebinsky will be resolved through arbitration in the State of Ohio and Ohio (and federal law) will apply.

Personal License and Authorized Usage

 In purchasing DiArtBrushStudio Designs you are granted license to use the material for your personal purposes only. The following conditions apply:

 You may not redistribute or resell material individually or as part of a collection.
 You may not claim any material or its derivatives as your own work.
 You may not use DiArtBrushStudio Designs for any pornographic, racial or other offensive purposes.
 You may incorporate material into your own original work for publication and display in printed media, including those for profit, on condition that due credit is provided to DiArtBrushStudio Designs at www.diartbrushstudio.com.
 You may create original artwork as gifts for others on condition that profit is not sought and that credit is provided to DiArtBrushStudio Designs at www.diartbrushstudio.com.
 You may create original artwork for profit on condition that all proceeds are for the benefit of charitable causes.

Commercial License

 Photographer, S4O (Scrapbook for Others)/Scrap 4 Hire and commercial licenses are available for additional fees. Licenses for commercial use are granted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact diamara@diartbrushstudio.com for further commercial usage information. DiArtBrushStudio welcomes enquiries from larger entities.


 DiArtBrushStudio is not responsible to you, any person, or organization for loss and/or damages arising from the use of DiArtBrushStudio Designs.

Further Information

 Questions or concerns should be addressed to Marina Pogrebinsky at diamara@diartbrushstudio.com



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