by Marina Pogrebinsky {DiaMara}

DABS LCL{Textures,Templates,Illustrations}


Limited Commercial Use License {Textures,Templates,Illustrations}

 Thank you for your interest in DiArtBrush{Fresh}Studio. In purchasing this product you agree to comply with these Terms of Use (TOU).
These Terms of Use (TOU) are valid for the limited commercial application digital products from the DiArtBrush{Fresh}Studio range.

  In purchasing the limited commercial use license you agree to comply with the TOU.

   The TOU is subject to amendment by Diamara at any time.

  Copyright © Marina Pogrebinsky(Diamara) at DiArtBrushStudio 2008-2013

  All copyrights are retained by Diamara with all rights reserved unless otherwise stated in the TOU. No commercial use of this product beyond those stated above is authorized. It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without permission of the copyright owner. Any dispute concerning designs by Diamara will be resolved through arbitration in the State of Ohio (and federal law) will apply.

  A single-user, limited commercial license is intended for small-business digital designers, photographers, and blog/web designers ONLY. The following conditions apply:

  You MAY:

  You may use the textures,templates,illustrations as-is or modify them to suit your needs
  Credit is not required.
  Digital Designers: Use these textures,templates,illustrations in creating your own digital products to sell. My products cannot make up more than 40% of your end product.
  Photographers: Use these products to create custom scrapbook designs or photography products for your clients, provided that the client only receives a custom and flattened or printed end-product (and not my original files). Individual projects are limited to 100 prints or less. D.a.b.s.
  Website/blog designers: Use these products to help you create blogs and websites for your clients, provided the client only receives a custom and flattened end-product (and not my original files)

  You MAY NOT:

  - Create freebies
  - Create your own commercial use products or designer resources to sell
  - Create business LOGOS or BRANDING of any kind
  - Use these products to create mass-printed materials of any kind (including, but not limited to, t-shirts, fabrics, printed scrapbooking products, etc.) If you are interested in this kind of use, please contact me (diamara@diartbrushstudio.com) and describe your project. There may be licensing options available.
  - Pirate, share, resell or redistribute these files in any way, or offer them in any graphics collections, CD/DVD, graphics webpage, etc.
  - Claim these products as your own creations, even if modified
  - Use these products for any obscene, defamatory or immoral works, or any other purpose which is prohibited by law.

  If you have any questions, please contact me at diamara@diartbrushstudio.com


You can preview the Terms of Use here.

Photographers and Scrapbookers For Hire (S4H)/Scrapbookers For Others (S4O)

can purchase a Commercial Use License for an additional $20.00. 

Please read my Limited Commercial Terms of Use for Textures,Templates,Illustrations carefully before purchase.

Purchase the Limited Commercial Use License {TTI}


  ***** Once you are ready to purchase your licenses, email me (or note it on your PayPal payment) the following information:

    * Your name, or the name that you would like on the legal PDF document if it is not your own
    * Which set(s) you are purchasing the rights to

 You will receive a PDF document that has the names of the sets on it, your name, my name, etc… giving you legal rights to use them.
This PDF will be sent to your PayPal address unless you email me separately or specify a different email address for it to be sent to.

                                                                                                                                                                        Thanks, Marina

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